make your hair fluffy male

How to make your hair fluffy male

Stiff hair for men is more difficult to style: after washing his head thick buns on his head is so unruly that it does not lend itself to any fixation. Correct the situation by using effective cosmetics and folk remedies, as well as the right haircut.

Causes of stiff hair

Stiff hair differs from soft hair by the peculiarities of its structure: they are characterized by volume, raised roots, dryness, brittleness, unruly, difficulty in care, painful appearance, quick contamination.

Other causes of stiffness of the hair on the head of a man:

  • lack of nutrition, hydration;
  • water hardness or its poor quality;
  • effects of aggressive chemicals;
  • mechanical stress;
  • frequent dyeing, using a hair dryer;
  • UV radiation, excessively high temperature;
  • improper human nutrition;
  • bad habits.

Stiff hair is often justified by improper care. For example, a man should think about whether his shampoo is chosen correctly, the quality of water he uses.

How to soften with professional cosmetics?

To make a man’s hair soft and manageable, you can use specially designed for this cosmetic products.

Store balms and conditioners are applied to the scalp and washed off after a while.

If your hair is stiff and unruly, then it is worth choosing a fluid, balm or serum based on silk protein, amino acids, wheat oil, soy, herbal extracts of chamomile, linden or burdock. These products are not washed out – they must be applied to towel-dried hair. Application of the above cosmetic products has a beneficial effect on the unruly, stiff hair, which after a short time becomes softer and silkier.

How to achieve silky hair with folk remedies?

It is possible to improve the structure of stiff men’s hair at home. When caring for unruly men’s curls, homemade compositions are able to compete with professional store products. The advantage of folk remedies, as an option to combat hair stiffness, is not only their effectiveness, but also naturalness, safety and low cost. Excellent softening ingredients for homemade decoctions are considered the following:

  • linden, chamomile;
  • vinegar of natural origin;
  • lemon juice;
  • oil of linseed, sea buckthorn, burdock, olive.

The above compositions can be used as rinses.

Flax Oil

Heated linseed oil has proven itself as a mask for the scalp. In it you can also add the yolk of a chicken egg and honey – such a composition contributes to additional softening and restoration of curls.

To make your hair beautiful and manageable, it is recommended to conduct procedures using folk remedies once for 7 days. The result can be seen already after 8 sessions.

Lipa, chamomile and nettle

Below is another version of a useful softening mask:

  • in a glass of boiled water, you need to brew linden, chamomile and nettle in the amount of three tablespoons;
  • insist the mixture for 30 minutes;
  • after cooling, strain the liquid and add to it 1 raw chicken egg;
  • pour in the resulting remedy oil solutions of vitamins A, E, B1 and B12.

The remedy, prepared according to the above recipe, is applied to the scalp and incubated for an hour. After that, the mask, which remained on the hair, should be washed off.


Another useful natural remedy for softening hair is a mask based on blue or black clay. The ingredients for it should be purchased in the pharmacy – only in this way you can be sure of the quality and safety of substances.

First of all, you should prepare a herbal decoction or boil plain water in which later the clay will be dissolved. The resulting clay mixture should have a structure similar to that of thick sour cream. The ready mask should be applied to the roots of the hair and kept for 5-7 minutes. After a while, you should wash your head with warm water, without using shampoo.

Honey and oil

Popular home treatments include a remedy based on honey and oil. To prepare a healing mask, you need to mix an equal amount of these ingredients. After that, the mask is applied to the hair and incubated for 30 minutes. Then you need to wash your hair well with shampoo.

Sour cream, lemon and coconut oil

Often young people with stiff hair use a mask based on sour cream to make hair manageable. The ingredients of the remedy, in addition to high-fat sour cream, is the juice of lemon, as well as coconut oil. The above components are mixed and evenly distributed on the hair of the head. Sustain mask for 60 minutes, then washed away with warm water.

Tips for hair care

In order to make long men’s hair soft, you need to heed the recommendations described below.

  • Rarely use or stop using appliances that heat the strands. High temperature dries the scalp, making it stiffer.
  • Stop using a hair dryer. Otherwise, it is better to apply a gentle mode in which the hair is dried with cold air.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Replace coloring by melting or ombr√©.
  • Use styling products as little as possible.
  • Choose hairstyles that hold volume without added fixation.

The thickness and stiffness of hair for the strong half of mankind is considered a symbol of good health and strong character. Stiff hair is often thick, so it is not difficult for hairdressers to choose a successful haircut to it.

Below are the most common men’s haircuts on stiff hair.

  • All kinds of military haircuts. For example, a short haircut, in which the master leaves up to 2 cm at the top of the head and up to 5 mm on the occipital and temporal part will do. This haircut is considered the ideal option for men with a strong body composition.
  • Caesar is a short haircut in which bangs are left. It is selected individually according to the type of the person’s face.
  • Kanadka is considered to be one of the popular haircuts at the moment. The main length of the strands is concentrated on the vertex. The hair at the nape of the neck and temples are shaved to 5 mm. The haircut successfully emphasizes the masculine nature and strength of a young man.
  • Hedgehog. This is a youthful type of hairstyle, in which the strands on the top of the head should stick up, resembling the barbs of a hedgehog.
  • When choosing a hairstyle for stiff men’s hair, experts must take into account the structure of the hair. As a rule, people with curly hair do not need to leave a long length on the crown, but the straight-haired representatives of the stronger sex will go almost any haircut.

Asymmetrical hairstyles and cutting patterns proved to be good on stiff hair.