Top 5 Long Men’s Haircuts

Why the long hair is not so popular among male audience? Despite the spirit of freedom in our society male long hair often causes a number of opposite emotions in others: admiration, misunderstanding or outright rejection. The explanation for this is quite simple: over the last 100-200 years, the male image is associated exclusively with short haircuts, and long hair speaks out of protest, rejection of generally accepted norms and the desire to express oneself. Maybe that’s why long men’s hairstyles are so popular with:

  • musicians;
  • artists,
  • representatives of informal trends.

And they are not typical at all for representatives of conservative professions, such as a businessman, a banker or politician.

Another interesting fact is that the ancient Vikings and Gauls, French musketeers and American Indians enjoyed such hairstyles. Long locks gave to their owners a romanticism, aristocratic refinement or brutality; it’s easy to see this by looking at the portraits of Durer, Charlemagne, Raphael Santi and other historical figures.

Here top 5 long men’s haircuts and their variations to look even greater:

  1. Straight hair with a long bang – very romantic and original variant for men with dry and normal hair. With oily hair it could be a problem because you need to wash it every day.
  2. For thin hair stylists recommend choosing a male version long “cascade” (a variety of bob) that gives the hair the missing volume. Representatives of strong sex with such haircuts style their hair, forming a central or oblique parting, or even combing it back.
  3. For curly hair, asymmetrical or graduated haircuts in the style of “grunge” or “punk”, as well as careless laying with the effect of wet strands are the best.
  4. If thick elongated bangs are the prerogative of mostly young men, cuts for straight hair without a bang are suitable for men even of middle and older age. They are worn by collecting all the hair in the tail or pulling behind the knot only the temporal strands, in addition they look well hanging freely, or retracted and fixed with a thin metal or plastic rim or pin.
  5. For more extravagant hairstyle there is a number of variants: dreadlocks, cornrows, “rat tail”.

To get more impressive look, men can dye their hair with the use of fashionable techniques: ombre or Californian highlights to name just a few.

Using a hairdryer, irons and liquids for styling help guys can easily get long hair with different effects:

  • with the mousse – a long straight bang a la Justin Bieber;
  • with gel – light careless waves in the style of Harry Stiles;
  • with wax or gel – stylish look as of Elvis Presley.

And do your know what are the most revolutionary options of the season? These are a male bun and top knot. Depending on the length of the hair, they are placed differently on the head – in the parietal zone, on the crown or back of the head. One of the most fashionable variations of the bob its combination with shaven temples or the temporal part and the back of the head also envisages a bun or a knot. Chosen not only by young guys, but also by adult men and celebrities: Orlando Bloom, Joachim Noah and Leonardo DiCaprio.