Top 5 Long Men’s Haircuts

Why the long hair is not so popular among male audience? Despite the spirit of freedom in our society male long hair often causes a number of opposite emotions in others: admiration, misunderstanding or outright rejection. The explanation for this is quite simple: over the last 100-200 years, the male image is associated exclusively with short haircuts, and long hair speaks out of protest, rejection of generally accepted norms and the desire to express oneself. Maybe that’s why long men’s hairstyles are so popular with:

  • musicians;
  • artists,
  • representatives of informal trends.

And they are not typical at all for representatives of conservative professions, such as a businessman, a banker or politician.

Another interesting fact is that the ancient Vikings and Gauls, French musketeers and American Indians enjoyed such hairstyles. Long locks gave to their owners a romanticism, aristocratic refinement or brutality; it’s easy to see this by looking at the portraits of Durer, Charlemagne, Raphael Santi and other historical figures.

Here top 5 long men’s haircuts and their variations to look even greater:

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