Why Men With Medium-Long Hair Like this Six Haircuts

Get an ideal haircut with medium length hair, using some options, approved by experts. For a long time, trendy guys had not paid attention to cuts of medium length. For them it was a temporary solution on the way from the box to the luxurious variant. But popularization of such hairstyles, as, for example, Pompadour, transferred medium-length styles from the category of intermediate variants to a full-fledged, independent fashion phenomenon worthy of covers of magazines about hairdresser’s art.

Some tips for this trendy look:

  • Whether you are straightening your hair or just do not want to wear a short haircut, or are looking for a way to deal with unmanageable hair, there are many options for you. To appreciate the advantages make sure your hair is in good condition. If you are growing your hair out of a short haircut, it means that you need to go to the salon regularly to trim the tips.
  • In addition, during these visits you can consult with the expects about the length and haircuts that would suit you most. Robert Grosvenor from the British network of hairdressers says: “If you have too thick hair, you can ask a professional to profile them to remove the excess, but remember that you do not need very eager efforts, otherwise they will look too rare as a result.”
  • Fortunately for most men, hair thickness increases when average length is reached. Approximately 80 percent of men have medium-thick hair, so if it grows, they will look more natural. Such a haircut depends on many factors: your style in general, your face shape and hair type.

Let’s examine the list of top 6 medium men’s haircuts:

  1. The easiest option to take care for is to cut temples and a nape more shortly, but thus to leave length from above for styling.
  2. Pompadour – choose it if you want to blow up your office. Thanks to trendy Elvis in the 1960s this cut emerged. If you want to emphasize the texture of the hair, you can choose a tousled top or an elongated bang.
  3. Grunge. If you are an insolent rebel, make the hair slightly messy as well. Styling is always relevant and it can be done very quickly.
  4. Graduated square for a real man. If you belong to the category of people who like to experiment, do not be afraid to appear a bit sensitive or romantic.
  5. «Mr. Cool». It is very popular today due to styling with shaved temples, which perfectly match with an exact beard. Thanks to this option you can make your image bright and memorable.
  6. Robert Pattinson style. A mysterious and at the same time dynamic image, which for sure will be praised a man who used to look stunning.

Many men still believe that good care is the prerogative of women. But this is far from true! We live in the 21st century, and the guys should realize that a well-groomed, stylish appearance is of great importance for them too.