Enhance Your Male Charisma with New Trendy Hairdos

Diversity of male haircuts is very impressive and today so many men take care of their look. The last one literally tells others about the style, temper and even about the way of life of its owner.

New trends of haircuts for men are based on the main designers’ rule that sounds like this: look at the shape of the face than think about haircut!

So, first of all, read some standard recommendations:

  • Almost all models without exception fit the oval and square faces.
  • Chubby men are recommended asymmetric options, with side parting, as well as with a short bang. This approach is good if you are looking for a romantic, slightly careless image.
  • Owners of a wide chin and a bit narrow forehead have to forget about the high bangs and creative angular forms.
  • If you have a large forehead and “triangular” jaw, avoid short haircuts, and wear longer hair if you can.

If you still hesitate which option to choose, consult a stylist. A good professional with a decent experience will help you to obtain the best look, considering your character and occupation.

Everybody wants to follow fashion trends. So it should be taken into account that now classic options are at the peak of popularity. Read about some of them:

  • These are short hairstyles, easy to care for. They are suitable for almost all types of garments. The only real disadvantage is the need for frequent adjustments of such a variant.
  • Box and semi-box. Relevant at all times in a correct performance. It is namely a bit of hair on the vertex, which harmoniously passes to the occipital part. Absolutely universal hairdo.
  • Medium-length hair. Today even the most brutal men choose such option. No styling – just long loose locks with a vivid texture!
  • Short haircut with a parting. Classic model in new interpretation. One of the most popular choices this season. But it is quite specific and difficult to arrange. An additional complication is the need for constant care and refreshing.
  • Trendy cut with a bang. It can be short or elongated. Anyway it gives a strong and unique appearance. Use special balms, mosses or gels for styling. Consult a beauty expert for some possible variations. Be inspired by famous soccer players, actors and models.  

Whichever type of a smart cut you choose, remember: regular visits to a hair salon and a proper everyday care are a must. A well-groomed and neat appearance is also very important thing. Make sure your hair is always clean and you have no dandruff, otherwise even the most fashionable cut is useless.