Why Men’s Hair Deserve Much Care and How to Do This

If women closely monitor the condition of their skin, nails and hair, men are more careless at this point. Usually they cry “Alarm!” when the youth is over, maturity is coming and the body begins to slowly declare its problems.

The amount of hairs on the head averages at about 100 000. From 50 to 100 hairs fall out on a daily basis, and this is the norm. But if there is more – then this is a reason to start worrying. The first thing you need to do is to contact a trichologist, who will recommend the necessary tests and reveal the true cause of the problem.

How To Take Care Of Men’s Hair?

It does not need much time and money. To organize a healthy and long life for your strands, you just need:

  • A good comb. Use a good and clean comb. It should not be too thick and too sharp. Also, it should be washed regularly, because a dirty one is a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.
  • Proper cosmetics. Choose a shampoo and balm according to the type and condition of your scalp skin. If you are not sure what to buy, consult your hairdresser and your doctor.

So, to care for the hair properly, all you need is to follow these recommendations:

  • Wash. Hair requires cleanliness the same as the whole body. Oily hair should be washed every 2-3 days, dry hair – every 5-6 days. Wash your hair with warm water, soaping twice and thoroughly rinsing.
  • Brush your hair at least twice daily. This helps improve blood circulation in scalp.
  • Do not forget that long or dyed hair can only be combed dry.
  • Dry gently. Oily and normal hair can be arranged with a hair dryer, while dry one preferably with a hot towel.
  • Go to a hair salon regularly. Men should do this every three or four weeks. This is really good for the hair density.
  • Pay attention to any feeling of discomfort. In case of any suspicion, consult a dermatologist. The condition of the hair indicates not only the quality of care for it, but also the condition your health. Hair loss, the appearance of seborrhea or other abnormalities – the reasons for the visit to a dermatologist.

Strengthen and moisturize your hair with special masks. You can also nourish the hair from inside. For strong healthy strands, it is important to have protein, vitamins A and B, iron, copper and iodine in your diet. Iodine and copper are found in fresh, non-frozen seafood. Copper is also found in fish, poultry, lean meat, some mushrooms, quail eggs, nuts and beans. For vitamin A eat apricots, carrots, butter and cheese, and for B buy chicken eggs, milk, pork, beef, buckwheat, oat flakes.

Following all these recommendations will make your hair looking simply ideal.